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Street Side Bar

Enjoy custom Liquor bar and International Wines in our Street Side Bar. We feature a range of select whiskey, Rye, Bourbon, Tequila and Rum that is sure to satisfy lovers of refine spirits.  


The Wine Tasting Room is West Palm Beach's  destination for unique and excellent wines downtown. Located right on Clematis street, try as many wines as you desire with our tasting taps! This state of the art wine dispensing system from Napa Technologies provides the freshest pour possible. Our mission is to introduce your pallet to the world. We focus on the best imported wines from all over the world. Stop by and enjoy something different.

Game Room Bar

With full Liquor bar and 30 draft lines and the coldest draft system - this make us the best beer bar on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. We strive for the best local and seasonal offerings available, while keeping in mind that great beers come from all over.

Also enjoy fun and games with our beer pong table, arcade and various board games available to all! 

Park Bar

An experience like not other, THe Park Bar features a full bar indoor/ outdoor yard.  Play corn hole with friends while your furry friend plays with other furballs.   Enjoy a game of Pong too!  Its like no other bar you have ever seen.


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