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If BRK Republic sounds like everything you've ever dreamed of... it is! To make sure it stays a dream land we have some rules that keep our four legged members and their humans safe.

  • All dogs must have a membership (day pass, monthly or vip annual) to be in the park.

  • Be Safe and Watch your Pup(s). You are responsible for your dog at all  times.

  • All dogs must be at least four months old.

  • Dogs older than one year must be fixed.

  • All dogs in the park must be off-leash unless being escorted out of the park. No retractable leashes allowed.​

  • Only flat-buckle collars or harnesses should be worn by dogs. Prong, pinch, choke, chain, and electric collars are not allowed on while in the park.

  • We’re not a daycare center, you must remain at BRK Republic as long as your dog does.

  • ​All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (bordetella, distemper-parvo and rabies), dog flu is recommended.

  • ​Only dogs 20 pounds and under are permitted in the small dog area. Small dogs are welcome in the main park.

  • ​Limit two dogs per Human. Have more dogs? Bring a friend!​

  • Children require separate waiver to enter the park. No one under 18 is allowed in the park after 8pm. 


Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy environment for dogs to play. Please do your part and watch your animal. By entering the park you are allowing your dog to be handled by all staff of BRK Republic

If we observe aggressive behavior, we reserve the right to:
· Reposition the dog within the park
· Placed in time-out
· Remove the dog from the premises

If a dog fight occurs, please separate your dog and position them to calm down. If necessary remove them from the park. Follow staff and rufferee instructions. 

No bullies are allowed. Dogs inherently play “rough.” However, rough play is not accepted if the one or more of the dogs aren't comfortable with the situation. If a dog is deemed to “bully” another dog, the owner will be asked to place their dog in “time-out.” Mounting is also discouraged.


Outside food, drinks. treats and toys are not permitted to be brought into the park. However, our "soft no ball rule" allows for ball play when there are only a couple of dogs that are not possessive of balls.

Glass containers are not permitted outside of the tap room. This includes bottled beer and soda. Ask for a cup.

Please, pick up after your dog. 

Children under 12 years old are strongly discouraged from entering the park except on a "family fun day." A waiver for their entry will be required. Children must obey all dog owners and act responsibly around the dogs or they will be asked to leave.

Please be mindful when opening gates and do not let the dogs out. 

If a human guest is intoxicated and unable to walk (with a dog) in a straight line, they will be sent home in a taxi or Uber.

BRK is not responsible for any injury, illness, or damage caused on our premises, and all human guests must be responsible for their dogs. If your dog causes any damage to a person or property by nipping, biting, or otherwise, you are responsible!

Failure to comply with the above Rules and Regulations could result in revocation of membership.

Remember that these rules are in place to help everyone have as much fun as possible! We look forward to seeing you

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